A ‘Peaceful’ journey

art-competition-smallIt doesn’t matter where we are on our own journey, and whether that journey be art or life. We can sometimes feel daunted travelling with others who are on same journey as us, like being in a carriage on a train and others being further along or perhaps even in the next carriage.

However, it is good for us to get out of our seat of comfort once in a while and take a few baby steps to sit with those train passengers, if only for a little while, learn from their vast experience and to admire the view.

And what a view! Here is a picture of the “trained” artists who have entered their work into the Kickstart Art Competition run by Hobbycraft in the Woking store. As you can see, their work is stunning, particularly the beautiful Gold Retriever, which is even more amazing to see “in the flesh”.

Should you be near Hobbycraft in Woking over the next couple of days, do get on board, take a look and choose your favourite, as the work of these passengers is truly amazing and I feel very humbled and in awe to be temporarily perched on a seat with them in their carriage.