Tea and Tangling

Had a lot of fun experimenting at our “Tea and Tangling” session – with really beautiful results. I am always fascinated with the diversity of the creations 🙂

The first date for our 2017 classes is confirmed!

Many thanks to those who have been asking about class dates for this year. I am excited to confirm the date for the first Zentangle Beginners class will be on Saturday, 11th February 2017. If you wish to book, please do go to our classes page for more information.

More classes and dates are being planned and will be available over the coming weeks. If you would like automatic notifications about future classes, then do follow the Tangleroc blog. In the meantime, we very much look forward to meeting up with you this year and sharing the Zentangle Method.

Res”hound”ing Result!

For those of you who have been following my entry into the ‘Kickstart Art Competition’ run by the Hobbycraft store in Woking, I am really chuffed to announce the 2016 winner is the artwork of the ‘Golden Retriever’. If you got the opportunity to see it “in the flesh”, I know you will agree it was amazing, and with the amount of intricate detail included, it looked like a camera-taken photograph. It was truly spectacular and certainly a worthy winner.

I believe the next stage of the competition is for all the finalists of the different participating Hobbycraft stores across the UK, to be automatically entered with voting taking place online. So if you are “surfing past” Hobbycraft in the near future do check it out for more details.

Moor Fun at Moor Hall in Berkshire

european-seminar-imageJust got back from spending a great weekend with a fabulous bunch of CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teacher) at the 3rd European CZT Seminar in Moor Hall, Berkshire.

I have included a picture of some of the projects that I started – all of which were great fun! And I am looking forward to finishing and sharing these with you over the coming months.

For those of you who follow Tangleroc from much further a field, I would encourage you, if you have not already, to seek out your local CZT and take a class. As having spent a weekend with those across Europe, I can definitely vouch that they are a dedicated and passionate group of individuals, who are so willing to share and inspire and I am very proud to be a part of this fantastic community.

Entangled in Fun!

Really excited to be meeting up with fellow CZTs at the European CZT Seminar this weekend to tangle, chat and learn lots of new things. 🙂 This year, we will be having our fun in the beautiful setting of Moor Hall in Berkshire.

A ‘Peaceful’ journey

art-competition-smallIt doesn’t matter where we are on our own journey, and whether that journey be art or life. We can sometimes feel daunted travelling with others who are on same journey as us, like being in a carriage on a train and others being further along or perhaps even in the next carriage.

However, it is good for us to get out of our seat of comfort once in a while and take a few baby steps to sit with those train passengers, if only for a little while, learn from their vast experience and to admire the view.

And what a view! Here is a picture of the “trained” artists who have entered their work into the Kickstart Art Competition run by Hobbycraft in the Woking store. As you can see, their work is stunning, particularly the beautiful Gold Retriever, which is even more amazing to see “in the flesh”.

Should you be near Hobbycraft in Woking over the next couple of days, do get on board, take a look and choose your favourite, as the work of these passengers is truly amazing and I feel very humbled and in awe to be temporarily perched on a seat with them in their carriage.



Rules of Zentangle

There are no rules when creating a zentangle apart from this one:

“No eating crisps when you tangle as you can get grease spots on your artwork – yikes!”

Although the crisps were really yummy 🙂