Frequently Asked Questions

Here is my current list of questions that I get asked by students regarding classes and about Zentangle in general. Don’t worry if your question is not answered here, you are more than welcome to get in touch by emailing me at: and I will do my best to answer your question.

Questions about your classes

I can’t draw so how can I create art?

I get asked this question a lot by students and if it’s helpful, I am not an artist in the traditional sense either. My drawings of people are generally like stick figures! However, luckily art encompasses a wide spectrum and there is always an area for everyone. And with Zentangle, the main focus and benefits come from the method itself resulting with an unexpected and beautiful piece of art.

All you need is be able to draw are: dots, lines (vaguely straight ones), and curves like “(“, “)”, “S” and “O”, by drawing one stroke at a time and you can create complex looking patterns. And who knows where your Zentangle journey might take you!

Do I need to bring anything with me to class?

All your materials will be given to within your Zentangle kit. There will also be some additional supplies/materials available, should you wish to purchase these at class.

Do I need to bring my reading glasses?

If you wear glasses for close up work, then please bring them with you.

Are refreshments provided in class?

Tea, coffee, bottled water will be provided. If you wish to bring your own refreshments i.e. herbal tea, then please do bring these with you as we have a kettle. There will also be biscuits available too. Please do let me know in advance if you have any special dietary requirements so that I can try and accommodate you. Alternatively, if you would prefer to bring your own then you are more than welcome.

Can I buy supplies and materials from you at class?

I always try and bring additional materials and supplies to my classes, which you are more than welcome to purchase. I will give you a Zentangle kit for you to use during class, which is yours to take home with you, along with any artwork that you have created.

Who comes along to your Zentangle classes?

As Zentangle is open to all who wish to experience it, then, my classes are filled with students from all walks of life and backgrounds and of differing ages. Some students come as they wish to learn how to create a calmer space within their busy lives. Some students want to develop a new creative skill. Some students like to come and be part of a group who want to tangle and share.

What do your students say about your classes?

Here is a just a handful of comments that previous students have expressed about their Zentangle experience at class.
“The class was great. The pace and delivery was great.”
“You’re a first class teacher, very informative, patient and inspiring.”
“I can clearly ‘lose’ myself while doing Zentangle.”
“I liked the ‘Zen’ part. Helps concentrate and relax.”
“It was a relaxing, collaborative but self-reflective process. I came closer to myself.”

Questions about Zentangle in general

How is Zentangle different from doodling?

Although the final artwork can potentially look similar, whether you have doodled or created a Zentangle, for me the main difference between the two is in how you get to the final destination. Doodling can often be experienced as a secondary activity that is carried out whilst something is taking place in our lives, i.e. a telephone call or a business meeting. However, when you tangle, this is the primary activity that you are carrying out, being completely in the present moment, creating one stroke at a time.

If I take one of your classes, can I become a Certified Zentangle Teacher and teach Zentangle® to others?

To become a Certified Zentangle Teacher, you will need to attend one of the CZT training seminars given by Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the original Zentangle founders. At this current time, this is the only way that they enable you to become a CZT and give you permission to teach the Zentangle method. However, if you get the chance to go to a seminar (held in Rhode Island, US), then I would wholly recommend it – as it’s truly a wonderful experience. To find out more information please go to the Zentangle website.